Rik, Sylvie and their team of creative, passionate interior designers will be pleased to help
you choose the right furniture and stylish finishing for your interior. We will look together
over the options with the help of bespoke plans and an accompanying mood board. We will find
the right balance so that we can create a strong concept using the rich fabrics, refined
materials and colours.

owner - Rik

owner - Sylvie

RR interior

interior consultant - Bart

interior designer - Valerie

interior designer - Evelyne

interior designer - Charlotte

drafter & visualiser - Sanne

interior designer - Eva

drafter & visualiser - Miet

administration - Isabelle

customer relations & operations manager - Thomas

RR corner

interior designer - Magali

interior designer - Eloise

stylist & interior consultant - Janique

RR apart

interior designer - Maaike

interior designer - Michiel

interior consultant - Nancy

interior consultancy & after-sales - Roseline